Covid 19 Re-Opening June 1st, 2020'

Updated for Phase 3 on July 20,2020

Re-Opening Team United Guidelines June (Updated July 20, 2020 Phase 3)

1. All Instructors and Parents inside the building must wear face coverings.

2. Students and staff will be required to wash hands when entering the building.

3. Students and Staff will remain 6 feet apart based on markings on the mats.

4. Total of 30 students and 2 staff are allowed in Main Dojo.

5. Total of 30 Students and 2 staff allowed in Kickboxing Gym.

(1 Lil-Ninja Parent allowed to enter and stay for class. If 30 Ratio is reached, parents will be asked to go to the car to allow other Lil Ninjas to partake in Class.)

7. All Classes must adhere to a maximum of 45 minutes.

8. Last 15 minutes will be allocated to allow for hand washing prior to leaving gym.

9. 6ft social distancing rule will apply at all times when in building.

10. Surfaces will be sprayed with disinfectant after each class.

11.Minimal equipment will be utilized for classes. We will no longer be permitting the usage of community shared equipment. Please visit Online-Store to purchase proper gear. 

13.X Markings spaced at 6ft will be marked on the building outside for student pick up and Drop off.

14. Attendance will be taken by staff for safety. However parents will be instructed to register students online, to record people who entered the building

15. Any individual exhibiting any cold or flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay home and exercise via our zoom stream.

17. Outdoor workouts are low risk, so when applicable move class to outdoors, follow the same social distancing policies. 

18. Temperature screenings will be done prior to entry of the dojo. Any one with a temperature of 101 F will be asked to leave . 98.6 F is considered a normal temp, however we are using a skin based thermostat so a temperature can be plus or minus .5 %

19. Please be patient as we work towards this process for the safety of all parties involved 

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